Payment via Credit Card

Instructions: Please read carefully!

1. This payment is accepted in Thai Baht (THB) only. If you choose to pay in THB or any currency, the conversion and fee policy will be based on Bangkok Bank, the payment gateway provider, and your credit card bank.

2. Confirm that the registration type is correct.

3. Ensure that the Paper ID is correct, as it is your only payment reference.
For participants, please use your full name in the format FirstnameSurname as the Paper ID.

4. Please print or take a snapshot of the proof of payment, as shown in the example. If the payment is successful, you will be redirected to Google Forms for submitting proof of payment in 30 seconds. If you prefer not to wait, you can click here:

5. Kindly find status of payment here:

An example with pictures are shown below:

You can find the Paper ID for your manuscript in the EDAS system.

An example of a proof of payment for your reference:

RESTCON 2024 Payment:

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